Retailer Testimonials

“NW Buyers is not just a buying show; it is a small business forum where some of the best independent specialty stores in the U. S. gather. Here I can get real answers to real questions from people that speak the same language as me. While the rebate checks from my purchases through the group pay for my trip and time and then some, the ideas and seeds that I have taken away by asking my peers at NW Buyers have yielded amazing results.”

Ben Graham – Grahams Style Store, Dubuque, Iowa

“I had been aware of NW Buyers for roughly 10 years prior to my joining, and from the very first show, I was kicking myself for not joining sooner. I highly recommend becoming a member of NW Buyers.”

Warren Cohn, Amityville Men’s Shop – Amityville, New York

“Yes, the rebate checks I get are great; the opportunity to sit down with other store owners and share thoughts and ideas on how we run our individual businesses is invaluable.”

Bob Missel – Sampter’s, Freemont, Nebraska

“I have been a proud member of NW Buyers for 17 years. I should have joined 5 years prior, but I kept trying to figure out why it sounded too good to be true. Well, it’s all true! There is no catch, and it’s a great organization. I have developed countless friendships with other retailers as well as with owners and representatives of many fine companies. I have also had the privilege of serving on the board of directors and loved every minute of that experience.”

Tina (Cicco) Popp – John Cicco’s Menswear, Merrillville, Indiana

“Being a third generation owner with 86 years of operation, I view NW Buyers as a big part of our growth and success. The ability to receive special pricing through my membership has enabled my store to increase margins without raising prices. That is a great component to a successful retail operation. Oh, and the rebate and dividend checks are just icing on the cake.”

Steve Walker – Walker’s Clothing & Shoes, Lancaster, Wisconsin

Vendor Testimonials

“NW Buyers has allowed me to service hundreds of specialty stores that I would never be able to reach on my own due to travel time and expense. Over the past 20 years, I’ve built countless trusting relationships with retailers who have become more than just business customers, they’ve become my friends.”

Gary Donnowitz – Tiglio, Ascott Browne, Christopher Lena, Lejon, Jimmy Sales Neckwear, Gruppo Bravo

“Our company attends 16 shows per year, and in my opinion, NOTHING compares to the experience we have at NW Buyers. If your goal is to be cost effective while being efficient with your time, NW Buyers is the show for you. You will find NW Buyers to be a terrific tool to exchange ideas with fellow merchants and vendors, in a setting that just doesn’t exist at other markets.”

Hans Lemus – Pacific Silk

“NW Buyers is the perfect stage to showcase the menswear that I represent. The relationship is much more than buyer and seller. Every retailer of menswear should be a member of NW Buyers.”

Bob Klein – Jimmy Sales Neckwear, Gruppo Bravo, Harmony, Serica, Cooper & Stewart